Using and abusing Neheb the Eternal to burn all of my opponents.

So after playing a few rounds with Neheb, I have learned a lot. He can be very explosive and win out of nowhere. However, because of this, he gets a lot of hate. In order to offset the hate, I have tried to lower the mana curve a little bit. The idea is to build a board state that is not too threatening, hold up on casting Neheb until you can abuse his ability, and then explode out of the gate.

Repercussion leads to some very interesting interactions with cards such as: Chandra's Ignition and Hour of Devastation

Depending on your meta, you may need even more protection for Neheb. I am considering adding Darksteel Plate as one way to try and protect Neheb.

This deck is a literal and figurative blast to play. Feel free to add suggestions.


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