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All Slivers are Nobility




Introducing Noble: the Format

A Noble deck based around the most overrated tribe ever.

The basic pattern I've found when using this deck is to use the Pulmonic/Homing sliver combo (Or just Homing Sliver) to pull out your Ward Slivers and eventually give your slivers protection from every color your opponent if playing. Build up a horde of slivers, pump them up with Muscle/Sinew/Talon/Fury Slivers, and swing for game.



Minousmancer says... #1

I said this on Zarum's Noble Slivers deck: Sliver Nobility

I "love Slivers, second only to Goblins just above Zombies!!!" - Minousmancer, the Necro'techno'alchemist

My suggestion would be to drop 4xPlated SliverMTG Card: Plated Sliver for 4xEvolving WildsMTG Card: Evolving Wilds or 4xRampant GrowthMTG Card: Rampant Growth, yes I see you have 3xTerramorphic ExpanseMTG Card: Terramorphic Expanse I am taking that into account. If you have seven deck thinners you'll be cutting through/out fourteen cards that are getting in the way of you and your Slivers/Spells. Lastly I'd drop your 2xTalon SliverMTG Card: Talon Slivers for 1xSinew SliverMTG Card: Sinew Sliver & 1xMuscle SliverMTG Card: Muscle Sliver.

April 8, 2012 4:03 p.m.

I like Plated Sliver because it's a one-drop and makes everything more durable. I don't want more Evolving wilds because it slows down the deck. Gemhide Sliver is generally better for ramp than Rampant Growth. First Strike is strong enough to warrant keeping but I might drop some Plated Slivers for Sinew and Muscle.

Thanks for the comment!

April 9, 2012 10:01 p.m.

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