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All-LURE-ing Unicorns

Legacy GW (Selesnya)



Here is a fun budget deck using creatures that don't see a lot of theme play, unicorns! Naturally, your opponents will be drawn to the mystical beauty of your unicorns--and so will their creatures. Spending a little more money on the sideboard will make the deck slightly more competitive against burn, control and 1/1 creature token spawning decks.

This deck operates by building your unicorn army until you are able to get out a unicorn with a lure ability, then swarming your opponent with buffed unicorns. If you're not familiar with the bestow ability, I suggest looking it up--it can really become a nuisance for your opponents to remove your one unicorn on the battlefield with a lure ability if you enchant your Prized Unicorn with Noble Quarry . Equip your lured unicorns with Infiltration Lens for extra card draw to bring in reinforcements for next turn. Use your Withstand Death and Unbreakable Formation to make your lured unicorns indestructible for turn after turn luring fun. While your opponent's creatures are busy blocking your indestructible unicorns, buff your other unicorns with Muscle Burst and +1/+1 counters from Unbreakable Formation ; Diligent Farmhand serves as a quick fetch land which will bring the max Muscle Burst effect to a whopping +8/+8 for ! Buffing up Mesa Unicorn gives you some decent life gain while whittling down your opponent's life. Good-Fortune Unicorn , Shared Triumph and Retaliation also give your unicorn army and lured unicorns a boost. Unless you have some bad luck, your unicorns will usually be able to defeat your opponent before turn 10.


  • Step 1 - Play unicorns
  • Step 2 - Make a unicorn with a lure ability indestructible
  • Step 3 - Buff your unicorns
  • Step 4 - Kill your opponent

Have fun!


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