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All it Takes is Strategy | EDH Tribal Series #17

Commander / EDH Control GWU (Bant) Theme/Gimmick Tribal



Arcades, the Strategist is so brilliant that he can even turn walls into weapons. From his Privileged Position Arcades has been waiting for the perfect time to deploy his Assault Formation of Stalwart Shield-Bearers . He also isn't afraid to deploy a Wall of Denial with Counterspell s and his Insidious Will to subdue his opponents. Avacyn, Angel of Hope has also been recruited to help Fell the Mighty . Arcades will also give his enemies a lesson in meekness with Meekstone , and if they don't accept his doctrine the there will be a Retribution of the Meek . He has also recruited Tamiyo, Field Researcher and her immense knowledge she has gained from her studies. In the end all that is left will be to Settle the Wreckage and let the Dazzling Ramparts return to their rightful place. Strategy will always win out in the end when Arcades is in charge.

M19 brought back the Elder Dragons, in cards that we have never seen before. While all of them are really cool ( Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip is way cool), Arcades, the Strategist has opened up a new tribe: Walls. While previously it could be done with Doran, the Siege Tower , you had to use other cards in order to let your walls attack. Arcades is able to let walls attack all by himself. In the end I went with a deck that has the ability to control, in a deck that I feel like could end up being aggressive.

Hope you like the deck! Comments, suggestions, and upvotes are encouraged.

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