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All cards in MTG PC game (Shandalar)

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This is a list of all the cards in Micropose's 1997 computer game Magic the gathering(Shandalar). If the quantity is 2, it is "restricted". This means they are harder to get and you'll likely only get 1-2 of them in a game. You can also choose custom categories and the restricted ones are seperated.

Below are cards in the Astral set. These cards do not exist anywhere but this game. The ones players can get are in bold and italics.
Aswan Jaguar
Faerie Dragon
Goblin Polka Band
Necropolis of Azar
Gem Bazaar
Power Struggle
Orcish Catapult
Prismatic Dragon
Knights of the Rainbow Vale
Pandora's Box
Call From the Grave

Please comment if you see that I'm missing a card or a different mistake.


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