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I can't promise you its Tier 1 but I can promise you an interesting time!

Enjoy doming people for 50 with infinite or nearly infinite enough combos.

The edge this deck has over other decks (aside its lovable slow and clunkiness) is that it doesn't lose to stony silence whatsoever, has a great tutor package in Whir of invention and has a lot of inbuilt grind through panharmonicon. If the game goes long you tend to be favored. If monastery swiftspear gets played T1 then prepare for a bruising.

Win cons - Aetherflux (primary when you're full combo)- Spine of Ish sah (destroy all permanents your opponents ever play)- wurmcoil engine (sometimes they shock themselves too low and you flash it in end of turn and bash them for 6)

Don't overside board this is a delicate deck!

Maybe +1 ceremonious rejection needed for the board

Matchups- Lantern Control - highly favourable- Tezzeret/ artifact midrange/ thopter foundry - highly favourable- Tron - Good. Spine of ish sah/ metamorph really pulls its weight here. I've beaten an ugin ultimate.- Burn - 50/50 <<--update have been removing more and more lifegain effects from the board. Have to rely on spellskite / reservoir being enough.- Death's shadow - Bad matchup (that much hand disruption will mess you up) <<-- update. one of godhead of awe from the board. YOLO- Bogles - Awful matchup (they can outrace you most the time and you cannot interact) <<-- Update: now spellskite really pulls its weight. Particulalrly at instant speed- UR Storm - G1 awful unless you somehow beat them to the combo and post SB 50/50 due to sb cards.- Control - Good matchup. You can usually push through a panharmonicon and grind em out.- Jund - 50/50- Elves - Bad matchup they beat you down to fast

SB Guide

Jeskai Control-4 etherium Sculptor -1 semblance anvil (hard combo not viable plan -too difficult to assemble due to bolt, helix, path, counters etc)+2 swan song +1 negate +2 defense grid

Eldrazi Tron-4 etherium sculptor (walking ballista) -1 spellskite+2 Ceremonious Rejection +2 pithing needle (walking ballista, endbringer etc) +1 negate (ugin, karn etc)

Naya Burn (they could have stony silence/ leyline of sanctity) vs monored burn you can afford to add 1 elixir for spine-2 phyrexian metamorph -1 etherium sculptor -1 semblance anvil+2 Golem's heart +1 spellskite +1 negate

UR Storm-1 wurmcoil engine -1 spine??? (what are the risks of this - do not expose your one aetherflux early) -2 cloud key -1 phyrexian metamorph -1 alchemist's vial+2 swan song +1 negate + 2 grafdigger's cage +1 cranial archive

Lantern Control+2 Pithing needle +1 negate (artifact destruction?) 1x ceremonious rejection <<-- is ceremonious good here?-1 spellskite -1 wurmcoil engine -2 cloud key

Affinity+2 ceremonious rejection +1 golem's heart +2 pithing needle +1 spellskite-1 wurmcoil engine -2 cloud key -2 phyrexian metamorph -1 ichor wellspring

Living End+2 swan song +1 negate +1 Relic of progenitus-1 spellskite -1 semblance anvil -2 cloud key

Dredge+2 grafdiggers cage +1 relic of progenitus + 1 negate +1 spellskite-1 semblance anvil -1 spine of ish sah -1 cloud key -2 phyrexian metamorph

Grixis Death's Shadow (do you go for defense grid due to snappy/ stubborn denial/ rejection) - maybe.+1 negate +1 spellskite-1 semblance anvil -1 cloud key

Counters company+2 grafdigger's cage +2 pithing needle +2 swan song-2 cloud key -1 semblance anvil -1 spellskite -2 alchemist's vial



Scorprix says... #1

lmao rip shaun mclaren.

June 8, 2017 8:36 p.m.

vortex0360 says... #2

Love it! This is my kind of deck!

June 15, 2017 9:55 a.m.

kurtataylor says... #3

I think I just saw this deck being used against Olive on Against the Odds. Love this deck!

June 15, 2017 11:26 a.m.

vortex0360 says... #4

@kurtataylor That's how I found this list too

June 15, 2017 11:42 a.m.

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