Commander's start your engines, and may the best combo WIN!

Reason for the Deck

  • The purpose of this deck, as well as all the others on this account, is to show players that the bar for getting into the more competitive scene of EDH is much lower than many would lead you to believe. Throughout this account, you will find deck lists created by myself and close friend, we hope to show of some decks that are way more efficient than their budget of less than $500 would make them out to be. I also own all of these decks, and some of the upgraded versions, IRL and I ensure I myself enjoy them before they make it onto here.

Why Alesha Exactly?

  • Reanimation is a popular strategy amoung both the hyper competitive, as well as the more kitchen table players in the EDH community. Taking into account the latter, as well as the fact combo of some form is really needed to break into the more competitive scene, Alesha was the obvious choice when finding a good stepping stone to start being more competitive. As well as providing us with a good idea for a commander who doesn't need to break the bank to get off the ground. No need for Force of Wills in this list. PS-Mardu is fun

The Deck's Strategy

  • The plan of the deck is a simple one. Setup one of the many creature loops as quickly as possible, and kill the table utilizing one of the many different ETB/death trigger abusers in the list. This can be done through cards that set up our graveyard such as entomb or faithless looting, or it can be done by simply ramping with artifacts and casting the creatures.

The Combos

The Enablers

  • The following cards are all of the cards that either start the combos, the sac outlets, or are the cards that are abusing the combos, the ETB/death trigger abusers.

-The Sac outlets

Mana- Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar

Utility- Viscera Seer

Damage- Blasting Station, Goblin Bombardment

-ETB/Death Abusers

ETB- Impact Tremors, Purphoros god of the forge, Mentor of the Meek

Death- Blood artist, Zulaport cutthroat

-Utility Creatures (Creatures that can/will be looped with Reveillark infinitely)

Dublicant, Fulminator Mage, Mentor of the Meek, Sling-gang Liuetenant, Dockside Extortionist

The Tutors/Draws

  • Tutors- Gamble, Buried alive, Entomb, Demonic tutor, Enlightened Tutor, Beseech the Queen, Final Parting

  • Draw- Phyrexian arena, Cathartic reunion, Faithless looting, Thrill of Possibility, Mentor of the meek

The Hate Bears

  • Sadly, I will not be listing off every hate bear in this list. This is not only because they are not integral to the decks actual Plan A, as well as it really just includes every creature not listed above. The main purpose they serve in the deck is that they slow down other combo decks while all being recurrable by Alesha. I will list off the four biggest ones and the decks they counter.

  • Thalia Guardian of Thraben- Honestly she is the single best all around hate-bear in the list because of the fact her affect hits the Mana rocks and tutors that define the format as well as the counterspells that slow us down.

  • Tomik, Distinguished Advokist- Tomik literally shuts down decks like Korvold/ Gitrog until he is dealt with by stopping graveyard land interactions. He also prevents you from being strip-locked

  • Kataki, War's Wage- Kataki punishes decks who rely on mana rocks (most if not all of them) as well as taxing mana in a way by requiring decks to waste mana to save artifact rocks and combo pieces before they get to truly begin their turns.

  • Kambal, Consul of Allocation- Simply put, he makes storm have both a clock and also forces them to watch their life total. He does the same against ad nauseum decks that cant afford to be pinged before going off. Both reasons make him invaluable to our deck.

Final Thoughts

  • Owning the deck personally, I can say with 100% certainty that the deck is loads of fun. I recommend it for anyone looking to build a super combo heavy deck, that either really loves graveyard synergy, or really hates comboing with blue spells. The entire deck cost me only about $350 and Alesha really pulls her weight for that amount of money.
  • I intend to post two more list for this deck. One for those with tighter budgets, around $250, and a version for those with higher budgets, $750+. Thankyou for reading this deck tech, feel free to ask questions or leave comments down below for any commander/ playstyle you would like us to explore. The link to the budget deck that'll cost you about $200 dollars and includes all the creature combos intact as well as most of the mana base. great stepping stone to try the deck out or be your first deck for starting edh. If you are interested in any other competitive decks for below $500 dollars, here are links to my other list I currently have made, Sharuum Artifacts, Jeleva Storm, Wort Spellslinger


  • The List and prices for the cards included are subject to market fluctuation. At the time of posting, all the decks on this account fell into an average price less than $500 on both Card Kingdom and Tcgplayer. For example, the average price of this deck list on Tcgplayer was about $417 and the average price for this deck on Card Kingdom was about $486. Both below $500


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