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Alesha, Who Stands Up For The Little Guy

Commander / EDH* RBW (Mardu)



This a very basic aggro Alesha deck. Right now there aren't any specific wincons or combos as the deck is a complete WIP. As I playtest and refine the deck I will update this. Suggestions for cuts, additions and wincons are greatly appreciated. Just please keep in mind I am on an extreme budget for the moment.

The gist of this deck in any case was value cards with 1 or 2 power. Extra recursion on top of Alesha was considered. The Exquisite Blood/Sanguine Bond combo will probably go in. Other considerations are some black cards like Painful Quandary. If you take a look at my Anafenza list you can see an idea of the type of prison cards I like that are good candidates for this deck. Containment Priest is another strong contender to go in.


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