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Alesha, Who Smiles at Fiscal Responsibility

Commander / EDH Aggro Budget RBW (Mardu) Reanimator Weenie



Alesha the Accountant

War takes a toll on even the most well-equipped legions, and the Mardu are not exempted from feeling the strain of resources. Alesha, seeing her once glorious army dwindling, had to adjust to the recession and make harsh budgetary decisions regarding her forces. She would disapprove of your wasteful spending and has no need for expensive jewelry or luxurious reanimation combos. In order to cut costs, she'll do the work herself, thank you very much. (If you want something done right...)

Budgetary Legions

This very affordable commander deck depends on self-mill and discarding key creature cards from your hand, so get your creatures into your graveyard and watch as Alesha smacks your opponents with them. It's a very aggressive deck, so as soon as Alesha is able to attack, you'll be wanting to attack every turn. The deck includes removal, exile, artifact and enchantment destruction, and if you need more, the Maybeboard has more options.

Please offer budget-friendly recommendations! Thanks for upvoting!


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