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Alesha Infernal Enchantress: Sheathing the Sword

Commander / EDH* Combo Control Enchantment RBW (Mardu)




Who wants to live forever when you can all die together? Almost.

This is kind of a tricky deck because the general is mono-red and people often don't realize that she has Mardu color identity; it's named Sheathing the Sword because you have to bring yourself past the brink of death to defeat your enemies at the last moment with the most tenuous grip on life. It's mostly an enchantress deck with a pretty sweet board control enchantment package of Lightmine Field + Death Pits of Rath and Tainted AEther + Spreading Plague. So if creatures attack, they die; when colored creatures enter the battlefield they board wipe all other creatures of the same color and force their controller to sac a creature or land. Since Alesha is the only creature (except for very rarely, Iroas), nothing else will kill her from my deck. She can't attack either unless I have Eldrazi Monument, but the deck doesn't really need her. She does great work as allowing me to recur the utility creatures and enchantments-matter creatures.

Alesha is also the perfect general for this deck as her name is "Who Smiles at Death" and that is literally referential to the deck's strategy of greating Death as an old friend, accepting it, and then using it to defeat your enemies. The wincon is usually Phyrexian Unlife + Ad Nauseam + Repay in Kind to drain everybody's life to -100 or more.


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