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Akiri+Thrasios: Affinity Midrange

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This is a new type of deck I'm trying out. The deck has two main plans of victory. Plan A is to play a bunch of artifacts, swing with Akiri, and pump excess mana into Thrasios. This is what I would call the "fair" game plan. Plan B is the much more fun plan, however. The deck runs one main infinite combo: Rings of Brighthearth+Basalt Monolith. This gives infinite colorless, which we pump into Thrasios, cast our deck, then win with Laboratory Maniac or Blue Sun's Zenith everyone out. Other all-stars in the deck are Heartstone and Training Grounds, allowing us to cycle through with Thrasios much faster. Suggestions are greatly appreciated! If you do have a suggestion, please suggest what to cut as well.


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