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Akiri and Silas’ House of Exotic Wares

Commander / EDH Artifact Four Color Reanimator Stoneblade Voltron




Some one help! I can't stop making artifact decks. I just can't get away from smacking people with equipment. Also, my hype levels went out of control once I thought about putting equipment on Marionette Master then sacrificing other artifacts.This will probably be the next deck I'm going to build. Hope it works.

Thanks for the visit and I am always open to suggestions (+1 are nice too).

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Whispersilk Cloak from Keys to the City, Inquisitor's Flail from Armory Automaton, Azorius Signet from Aether Spellbomb, Boros Signet from Chromatic Lantern, Orzhov Signet from Expedition Map, and Ichor Wellspring from Scroll Rack


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