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Ajani's Collected Heroes (G/W Devotion)

Standard Combo Counters Devotion GW (Selesnya)



Need Help with the sideboard.

This is a crack at a different style of G/W devotion. The basic premise is to get a board of creatures featuring +1/+1 counters and combo that with Avatar of the Resolute to drop in a huge creature with trample for 2.

Reverent Hunter and Avatar of the Resolute pair extremely well with the ridiculously funny Den Protector enchanted with Gleam of Authority.

Dragonlord Dromoka prevents combat tricks when you attack and counterspells thus allowing you to play on curve if possible.

Collected Company and Ajani, Mentor of Heroes feed creatures to the field or your hand. Ajani also pumps creatures. With Hardened Scales on the field Ajani alone can generate 6 counters. Which can be pretty crazy with Gleam on the field.

Servant of the Scale is a blocker that we actually enjoy losing as he gifts his counters to one of our bigger guys.

Couple bolster effects give us a couple ways to make guys bigger for minimal cost. Surprising fun to play.


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