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Based on elspeths-army and wabbit-season-1

Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch mana dorks to ramp with.

Auriok Champion provides lifegain when generating tokens. Can block Goblin Guide and other noteworthy threats, hard to destroy with kill spells. Protects against splinter-twin decks.

Rhys the Redeemed can come out early and start generating elf tokens. Once you can start using his second ability is where it starts to get really fun.

Awakening Zone starts giving you tokens which can be used to ramp into your expencive spells.

Lingering Souls - More tokens, splashing black to get the full use.

Mycoloth - Eat your tokens and mana dorks and this guy becomes something to deal with. Easily out of burn range you can often get big enough to take them down with just this guy never mind the tokens he generates.

Primordial Hydra - Invest a little into this guy and he gets monstrous quick

Elspeth Tirel - Triple threat, ridiculous amounts of life gain, Token generation and a board wipe which will leave me with a serious advantage if I need it.

Ajani, Caller of the Pride - This guy seems like he was made for this deck. Definitely a finisher. His ultimate can easily give me 15-40 2/2 tokens and has good synergy with Elspeth Tirel. Even late game upon a draw, his -3 can easily win me a game with a Primordial Hydra or Mycoloth on the field.

Doubling Season - The card this deck is waiting to exploit, the game changes significantly once you have one of these on the field. Doubling any tokens you generate and doubling counters put on permanents. With one of these on the field planeswalkers enter with double loyalty, 2 on the field and everything is quadrupled. Primordial Hydra enters with twice as much you payed for him, and triples during your upkeep. Mycoloth enters with twice as many counters as it's supposed to, and generates twice as many tokens! This card also effects Gavony Township which becomes game winning with a few tokens on the field.

Cathars' Crusade - I don't really know when this card would be useful. say all you had on the field was this and a Doubling Season. You cast Elspeth Tirel and immediately using her -2 giving you 3... no wait 6 1/1 tokens. Then Cathars' Crusade ability triggers 6 times giving each of your tokens +6... no wait +12/+12!! Never mind if you had a Mycoloth generating 16 tokens a turn, or Adjani's ultimate generating tokens equal to double your life total!


Updates Add

Fixed land base to include fetches and shocks to find what I want.

Removed 2x Druids' Repository for 2x Idyllic Tutor, going to try that out.


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