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Ajani, caller of your mom



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This deck centers around Ajani, Caller of the Pride and getting him out fast!. Turn 2 drop easy with Avacyn's Pilgrim and Birds of Paradise . Mikaeus, the Lunarch and the exalted ability work well with Ajani. Chromanaton is a quick drop and easy to pump.

+1 if you like this deck.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Sideboard tips would also be greatly appreciated.

asilaydying333 says...


If this is standard, you should sideboard imo Revoke Existence for anti-mageblade and Celestial Purge against zombies, vamps, or maybe r/g aggro.

July 17, 2012 8:16 a.m.

kruyogi says...



Thanks for the suggestions, probably will add those :)

August 29, 2012 10:24 p.m.

asilaydying333 says...


no problem ;)

August 30, 2012 1:35 a.m.

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$37.46 $62.07 $135.49
Date added 1 year
Last updated 1 year
Legal formats Extended, Legacy, Vintage, Commander / EDH, Modern
Illegal cards Birds of Paradise
Cards 54
Avg. CMC 1.84

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