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Aggro Tribe: Mono Black Vampires

Modern Aggro Budget Mono-Black Tribal Vampires


This is my favorite Mono Black Aggro Vampire tribal deck. It is a competitive deck without breaking the bank. This deck is built to overwhelm the competition early by using fluid progression to get a bunch of vamps on the board.

Many times you can impact your opponents negatively on the first turn with one mana creature cards or cards like Duress , Harsh Scrutiny or Fatal Push .

On the second turn you can inflict loss of life to your opponent with cards like Vampire Cutthroat and add creatures to the board like Gifted Aetherborn or a double drop of Vampire Cutthroat and or Guul Draz Vampire to bolster your ranks early.

By the third turn you should have a good amount of vampires out and if you don’t at least you probably controlled your opponents first few turns with Duress and Harsh Scrutiny

From here just keep loading the board and attacking. It is tough to run out of options with this deck due to having adequate mana and a good curve. If you do start getting stuck you can play Sign in Blood or creatures like Asylum Visitor and Dusk Legion Zealot . This will allow you to use some of your extra life and gain cards to move through your deck and find the right cards to end the match.


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