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Made a rakdos deck, just to mess around with everyone, at my LGS. There aren't many synergies in this deck, BUT you never go "all in" usually, all you need, is 3 creatures on the field.

An ideal hand, would be consisted of:

1x Soul-Scar Mage/Vicious Conquistador , 1x Wanted Scoundrels , two or three lands, 1x Captain Lannery Storm , 1x Sword-Point Diplomacy or any instant.

Here's an example, of a playtest :

Turn 1 : Vicious Conquistador

Turn 2 : Wanted Scoundrels and the conquistador attacks for 2

Turn 3 : Captain Lannery Storm on the field, conquistador swings for 2, scoundrels for 4 and lannery for 2 (10 damage) . IF there is a creature on the field, we could sac a treasure token, from cpt. Lannery and kill it with a Fatal Push . ( That's a nice synergy between them, cause the token leaves the field, triggering fatal push' second ability. Soo, we are at 12-13 damage, turn three!!

Turn 4 : we can cast a Sword-Point Diplomacy , drawing 3 cards( I don't think an opponent may pay 9 life, cause it's lethal!! . Then , we proceed to attack and cast an Invigorated Rampage, or another spell, to ensure our victory. :)

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Went 4-0 at my FNM. This deck is kicking some major ass...

My meta, is consisted of control decks. Once you know what they play, you can easily outplay them .

I AM NOT CLAIMING THAT THIS DECK IS THE BEST. all I am saying, is that it has the potential to become a member one.

Thanks for the upvotes!!!

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