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Aggro Gruul Pauper

Pauper Aggro Pauper RG (Gruul)



This is a little aggro deck I made for pauper. The deck's mana demand is exactly even between green and red. In addition, each card requires only one of either color to cast. This balance is very important to maximize the chance that we can play every card we draw and pack each of our turns with powerful, low-costing threats.

This deck has gone through many different edits and is slowly improving. It's been able to go up against some pretty intimidating decks (including non-pauper decks) but still has a bit to go. I feel it's biggest weak link is Terrain Elemental . It's not bad but lacks that little extra something that many of the other creatures bring to the deck. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements!


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