Aggressive Triplets

Commander / EDH

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Have the Triplets as the showcase, but it's really just the icing on the cake. It's 5 to bring them out and it's an immediate threat that needs to be dealt with, or I start taking opponent's hands. Either, they focus their heavy aggro on the Triplets or they accept that I could play their hand... either way, I throw the enemy off balance.

Being that the Triplets are such a huge target, I based the deck around being able to hit hard on it's own merits. With a heavy artifact focus, cards like Cranial Plating and Unwinding Clock, along with my artifact lands and Master Transmuter, allow me great flexibility in getting cards onto the field.

I could tap Seat of the Synod to bounce it back to my hand via Master Transmuter, place Darksteel Forge down, place Seat of the Synod back down if I didn't place a land down this turn and now I have a blue land open for potential counters.

With an abundance of counters, I feel like I have a lot of options to deal with specific threats before they even resolve. No Kaalia or Quicksilver Boots getting on the field if I can help it! With some mana rocks and board wipes to round it out, I feel this deck can have the means to stop opponents who are getting out of control.

Finally, the meat of the deck are the Sphinxes. Each of them does something unique when the hit the field and make themselves huge targets.. but several of them effect the state of the board just by resolving.

Is this a good mix of aggro and control?


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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