So the idea here is straight-up aggro using my Noble, Prismatic Omen, to juice up my creatures which all have "as long as you control" requirements to get huge. Coupled with some Domain mechanics, this deck brings out the monster inside my critters. My uncommons are Reviving Melody , as means to recover critters and my Omen from the graveyard and Archetype of Aggression to give the beefed-up creatures Trample. I incorporated at least one of each land type so I wouldn't be overly dependant on the Omen, if it should get destroyed, and my 4x Exploding Borders will not only see some powerful early-game burn but also pave the way for extracting those lands form the deck prior to my Omen's destruction (should it occur). I am pretty pleased with this deck, but would love some feedback. Here's the rundown card-by-card:


Archetype of Aggression - My only Uncommon creature and the source of some trample action. Nice because it also prevents aggro opponents from having trample.

Kird Ape - A solid chump-blocker that is a 2/3 by turn 2 all the time. Not bad for a 1-drop.

Wild Nacatl - A 3/3 by turn 2, making it an even stronger Kird Ape , essentially. Somewhat more dependant on the Omen early on. (Plains is the second basic land I search for after an Island)

Wandering Goblins - The weakest Domain creature in the deck, due to its dependance on 3 colorless to activate its power. Worth the investment to swing for 5, though.

Kavu Scout - The second strongest creature in the deck. Its 2 toughness makes it a glass cannon, but a 3-CMC 5/2 is solid.

Matca Rioters - The tank of the deck. A 3-CMC 5/5 on turn 3. Win forever.


Prismatic Omen - The Noble and primary power engine of the deck. Vulnerable to disenchantment, but can be recovered/made redundant. This sucker buffs up everything starting turn 2, and because of how Domain works, I don't have to wait to actually have 5 lands

Strength of Unity - A 4-drop enchant that essentially gives any creature +5/+5.


Might of Alara - A 1-drop temporary Strength of Unity to get in that extra damage to finish with. 3 of these in the opening hand means a T-3 GG, generally.

Worldly Counsel - A limited tutor that lets me dig through the top 5 cards for exactly what I need.

Reviving Melody - A means to retrieve that ever-important Prismatic Omen and/or rescue a critter from the Graveyard. The second uncommon of the deck, and one of the few green spells that will recover an enchantment. This was decided upon as a "just in case" scenario in which I haven't yet had the opportunity to dig for my plains, which would allow for easier enchantment recovery through white.

Exploding Borders - 4-drop for a bonus land and 5 damage. Will dig for singleton lands first.


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