Using Agent of the Fates as the source for all of the buffing spell and enchantments kills the opponents while having a strong striking force. With all of the deathtouch involved, a wall is created or a safe passage for attack. Just keeping your enemies' boards clear is the main goal and goes through hex proof and even indestructable.


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The Gaze of Granites are a multipurposed tool that kills any threat of token infestation and other creatures if need be in a faster and larger clear than Ratchet bomb. If any planes walkers or enchantments are ruining the creatures on your side, then Vraska, Hero's Downfall, and Abrubt Decays are there for just that. Skylashers are in the sideboard just in the case for flyer and blue problems. Keeping the Fates and other big creatures alive are the important rules to play by.


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