Affinity deck built to be a mixture of the the most successful artifacts for agro w/o using stoneforge or equipment.

Rather explosive even without ancient tomb (which I plan to add). Usually I can lay most if not all of my hand out on turn 1. Most difficulties I have are from UR delver and racing combo decks.


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So, I was destroyed.

1st game was against blue red delver. If my creature wasnt countered, it was killed by chain lightning. went 0/2.

2nd game was against manaless dredge. Should have won this match. 1/1 going into the third game. this guy immediately made me discard my rest in peace, then turned over his library when he was at about 4 life. luckily i had an arcbound ravager i sacrificed to another arcbound to exile his bridges. he then however dredge returned his hatebound and grave troll. i was mad :/


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