The main function of the deck is keeping the board clean of creatures and keeping it on a budget! The main combo rolls around Lethal Vapors + Tainted AEther and Liability to help.

------------Winning conditions:------------
I win by "harassing" my opponent with a 2/2 creature (Mishra's Factory), or a 4/2 creature (Dread Statuary) or with Massacre Wurm if the conditions are right. On the sideboard there is also a 5/5 creature + mana source (Phyrexian Totem)
There's also Consume Spirit and Syphon Life from the sideboard to keep me in a good shape while I drain my opponent's life.

There's some disruption (Duress and Hymn to Tourach), creature removals like Hideous End, Innocent Blood, Barter in Blood, Mutilate and Massacre Wurm and some extra draw with Sign in Blood.
Dark Ritual is obvious, since that extra mana is a really nice fuel to Consume Spirit and a way of putting the main enchantments in the first or second turns of the game.
Lethal Vapors + Pithing Needle make a nice combo so that no one can play the ability of the enchantment. Also, Pithing Needle can be mostly used to screw with some of my opponents cards and mainly to break combos.
Mimic Vat let's me play any strong creature that I have already sent to the graveyard and use it against my opponent. Even with Lethal Vapors on the battlefield, I can still use it if that creature has a good "enters the battlefield effect". If Tainted AEther is in play, I can sacrifice a land just to keep the creature in play and deal the final blow to my opponent.

It's build to be used against more creatureless decks like Controls and Burns. I trade the creature removals for Dash Hopes, more Consume Spirit, Syphon Life and Witchbane Orb for additional protection.
Polluted Bonds can be a pain if I put it into play earlier and Worms of the Earth is a fun card to be played. Also, Pithing Needle + Worms of the Earth can create a land lockdown since it's ability can't be played.

If you like this deck or have any suggestion to make it better (and on a budget!) please leave a +1 or a comment! ;)


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After a long while I decided to update this decklist with some expensive cards, so I decided to remove 2 Duress to make room for Thoughtseize.
The same happened to the mana base, where Cabal Coffers and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would be great additions.

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