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Aether Revolt Mechanized Production via Clues

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Aether Revolt Mechanized Production Clue deck for Standard.

Mechanized Production win via clues for Aether Revolt standard. This goes with the creature focused clue production via Bygone Bishop and Ongoing Investigation , rather than the instant/sorcery version via Trail of Evidence or Metallurgic Summonings.

There is plenty of clue production, and if someone shuts your Mechanized Production down, you should still be able to make Tireless Tracker big enough to push through, along with the flyers. Ongoing Investigation helps by using your graveyard to make more clues and life gain. Use Heroic Intervention to protect Mechanized Production, as well as counter spells. Use Tamiyo's Journal to find a Mechanized Production when you have enough clues.

Erdwal Illuminator is amazing in this deck, if you know how to take advantage of it! Investigate during your opponents turn by using Ongoing Investigation 's second ability by paying 1G. This will net you two clues due to Erdwal Illuminator 's ability.

Bygone Bishop will trigger on ANY creature you cast, so the more out, the better!

Be aggressive with your creatures when you have Ongoing Investigation out, since if they hit the opponent, you get a clue. This shouldn't be too hard with all the flyers. If your creatures die, you can pay 1G to get a clue.

By about T5 you should have about 7 or 8 clues and can cast Mechanized Production on one, and only give the opponent one turn to react before you win. If you feel that they might have an answer, save it for when you have 6 mana, so you can use Heroic Intervention or Negate. Another tip is if you have a Mechanized Production out, with an Erdwal Illuminator , and you have 5 clues; during your upkeep with the trigger on the stack, cast Confront the Unknown to get 2 clues, and then the Mechanized Production trigger resolves and gives you the 8th clue for the win! Surprise!

If you are falling behind, use a Mechanized Production to get more clues (don't forget Erdwal Illuminator helps A LOT), and Tamiyo's Journal is great if your behind or ahead. You'll be surprised at how quickly you suddenly have 8 clues.

In the right situation, you can even use Declaration in Stone on your own creature(s) to get the final clues you need, although this is a niche interaction, and risky too.

Try not to use clues for card draw, unless you are nearing 8+. They are the key to winning, and also easy casts of Reverse Engineer. If you feel your clue production is fast enough, it might be worth using some earlier than 8 to find Mechanized Production as soon as you can.

Beware of Lost Legacy and similar effects. They aren't very common at the moment, but if this deck starts seeing play, and starts winning, people will most definitely start running Lost Legacy in Side Boards. And people will start using Main Board enchantment destruction such as Fragmentize. If this is the case, you will need to considering using more counter spells such as Negate, Disallow, Void Shatter, Invasive Surgery , Spell Shrivel. (Other counter spell options: Metallic Rebuke, Failed Inspection , Disappearing Act, Revolutionary Rebuff , Scatter to the Winds , Summary Dismissal, Unsubstantiate.)


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Heroic Intervention is a much more reliable way to protect Mechanized Production than Disallow. Made a note to change it when the card is in the database.


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