Come and grab your allies, we'll go to very distant lands! You'll work your way around every problem you encounter around your perilous quests with the exceptional flexibility of your team of expert adventurers! Even on the hardest of times, you can always rely on your buddies to get you out of any situation.

The deck:

This is an Ally tribal deck where you want to use and abuse any ally's enter the battlefield trigger, making it some sort of semi-combo/midrange deck. If you haven't noticed the deck is sorta adventure-time themed aswell. The best of your allies are the ones that make our triggers go "will happen, happening, happened" whenever one of our adventurous buddies comes into play. If your combos fail, you still have a massive army to swarm against the dude that dared to stop you. The combos involve copying multiple times one of your wincon buddies, like Hagra Diabolist or Halimar Excavator . By doing so you'll most likely mill someone to death or kill with a bunch of life-loss triggers, as they stack together. You also have access to the infite wolf-making combo that is Turntimber Ranger + Arcane Adaptation . That will teach those dummies guys what is like to mess up with allies!

Why is General Tazri the commander?

She is the only ally creature to allow an uber-colored deck, and there are great allies in each and every single color that we shouldn't disregard. She also has an enter-the-battlefield trigger we can abuse and tutor for the finest adventurers of Zendikar, while having a pumping effect that is no joke, considering how many colours our homies have.

The deck's weaknesses:

Being a 5 color deck on a budget, the mana base is difficult to make, and this one in particular was downgraded to keep up with the rest of the playgroup in particular (nobody likes a gun in a pillow fight!), so our lands will enter the battlefield tapped. Extremely aggresive decks might be a problem due to that, but thanks to our abudant mana fixing, we won't likely be mana screwed that much. Remember that your commander is an amazing sink aswell!

The deck's strenghts:

The deck can literally win out of nowhere. Ally triggers can be pretty ridiculous when copied and stacked, and we have some useful tools like Mirror March and Flameshadow Conjuring to help with that. The deck is also very flexible due to Tazri's ability to tutor up the required ally for the current state of the battlefield. If the combo fails, they can behave like a watered down sliver tribal deck, and still pull out a win!

Possible upgrades:

Getting some dank adventure time art on the allies to fit the theme is the primary upgrade goal. Otherwise, just a better mana base, but alas, that cannot happen in my playgroup.


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