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Adun Oakenshield and the Suicide Squad

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund)



The premise of this deck is to cast cheap creatures with high power/trample/haste that slap opponents in the face as hard as they can.

A large chunk of these creatures sacrifice themselves at the beginning of the end step, thus making them apart of the suicide squad.

Many cards in this deck, including the commander (Adun Oakenshield) have recursion from the graveyard either to my hand or even better, to the battlefield. This makes it so that I am constantly able to get ETB triggers, and Sac triggers for my creatures.

A lot of the cards in this deck allow me to sac creatures to do certain things, such as draw cards, destroy non-basic lands, destroy enchantments, destroy non-black creatures, put creature cards from my library into my hand, draw cards equal to sacrificed creatures power, Return another creature from the graveyard to my hand, create ooze tokens with power/toughness equal to sacrificed creatures power, search for basic lands and put them into play tapped, and make players mill cards (or even better mill myself).

This deck is incredibly fun and very aggressive for anyone who likes to play very aggressive 'balls to the wall' style games of commander.


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