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After the last edition deck moved smooth. Solid would be able to compete with the best of them. Not many people think about it but the 1 mana fire spells are just as good as Mana Leak expect instead of doing the blue counters it just kills many 1-2 health creatures.

Adding in some M2013 love... will let you know how it works with M13 love!

I did find that Volcanic Strength works better than Goblin War Paint just because when it comes out... VS you always have a mountain so you can use that ability... you have to wait to drop the GWP so that your creature uses that second ability of Haste.

The M13 rings will be placed on Slumbering First chance i get... and getting more artifacts in the deck will give me +2 for Galvanic Blast

Put Chandra, the Firebrand in the sideboard will start playing her more to get used to her. My man Koth of the Hammer will be going away soon, i will miss him dearly... so in the meantime ill get used to chandra.

Suprisingly deck seemed to move a little slow... worked ok...but got mana burned and mana flooded a few times. Since the Majority of this deck is built around 1 mana attack/control then heavy hitters end game I figured i would:

Add some more Goblin Fireslinger, Shock, Galvanic Blast, and for giggles Archwing Dragon

Removed: Reverberate placed in sideboard... good for a 2nd game out of 3 if your going vs a control deck but pointless or slow if your enemy is not casting spells worth copying. Removed 1 land. Removed Infernal Plunge (was going to combo it to sacrifice a Goblin Arsonist for 1 damage but rarely works out). Took out Geosurge from sideboard the majority of my deck is 1-2 mana offense/control spells.

Also added Goblin War Paint for those people who decide to let my Vexing Devils stay but then ice cage them... and for others as well...

Added more land the only thing here that was burning was my mana pool.


MTGPlayer01 says... #1

Couple interesting cards for your sideboard

June 23, 2012 9:57 p.m.

thundernick says... #2

Smelt is a 1 CMC Shatter , you're welcome ;)

July 17, 2012 3:28 a.m.

addrox says... #3

thanks forgot about that one will update once i get those cards together

July 18, 2012 7:52 a.m.

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