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Standard* Mill U/B (Dimir)



This is my first mill deck, with a budget in mind. My main priority is to mill, while having consuming aberration be my secondary via direct damage (if possible). Any and all advice is appreciated, especially when it comes to what I should or should not sideboard.


Dropping all red, now I just need all the white cards I need to splash white for mass removal business


dizziethief says... #1

if you're wanting mill, you need actual mill cards. Mind Grind , Increasing Confusion , Mind Sculpt , Jace, Memory Adept

February 4, 2013 12:02 a.m.

craftth3m1n3 says... #2

Thanks man, I plan on adding cards like that in, once I actually get my hands on them, thats all I have right now. But I'll definitely keep those cards in mind once I get them.

February 4, 2013 12:55 p.m.

dizziethief says... #3

no problem. i've been working on a mill deck too, and its one of my favorite decks to play.

February 4, 2013 6:03 p.m.

Gijebus says... #4

honestly I would get rid of the red. can check out this Paranoid Stalkers for some ideas.

March 8, 2013 12:20 a.m.

rakune says... #5

Hey, i recently made a mill deck and love the idea of mill, hopefully i can give you some suggestions or card ideas :)

I think with only 6 mana its risky putting Reverberate in there. Your only other red cards are Mizzium Mortars, Goblin Electromancer, Dreadbore and Searing Spear which I would replace with actual mill. Like dizziethief said.

I would take red out, it seems in this deck it's just wasting space. if you want it to be mill but still with removal then your removal without red could be like Devour Flesh, Mutilate and the Murders if you want that much removal. However if you want red then maybe change some of your other stuff to support the mill aspect of the deck.

I like Devour Flesh because if you're running mill, it doesn't affect your win condition, and if you have Consuming Aberration then it will still be easy to beat them down considering how big Aberration gets.

However jace is expensive and considering there is a budget in mind I would just try and stack up on Mind Sculpt, Dream Twist, Mind Grind, Increasing Confusion and Aberrations.

If you want to put Paranoid Delusions in, then I recommend Invisible Stalker. And would replace Wight of Precinct Six with 4 invisible stalkers, mostly because some decks don't run very much creatures, and having a 1/1 with maybe two or three counters on the field isn't going to help you as much late game, whereas I think a hexproof with unblockable will be better in the long run for your cipher cards.

Consider changing the red with white. Esper seems decently successful if you dont like dimir. And your white cards would be cards like Terminus, Sphinx's Revelation, Supreme Verdict and Lingering Souls.

Terminate and Supreme verdict are your board wipe to draw out the game enough to be able to mill and ignore haste decks more easily. Sphinx's revelation is to counter the early haste damage and get cards, and lingering souls is for blocking and trading 1/1's. Although this would be more expensive.

If you wanted to go more control without red then you could play Psychic Strike, Cancel and/or Dissipate.

And I would probably take the guildgates out, because of the speed of them.

Hope I helped. Sorry for the wall of text.

March 8, 2013 12:50 a.m.

craftth3m1n3 says... #6

Thank you a whole bunch rakune. That wall of text was a lot of help haha. In all seriousness I did try and add a bit of what you say I should of, I'm working on getting the correct lands to splash white so i can get those bad ass board wipers. but I did drop red, It just wasn't doing what I was hoping it would do. And I picked up a few jaces which should help. but once again thanks for the help man

March 10, 2013 12:31 a.m.

NeoHazard says... #7

Can't say I am a huge fan of Devastation Tide what if you switched those for a couple Cyclonic Rift. Oh and this then doesnt bounce your stuff either. Cheaper mana cost and can bounce a single threat early or their whole board later. I would also say to drop the Think Twice and grab another Thought Scour and look at replacing the Murder with Psychic Strike but I do prefer a counter play style and that may not suit you. Have you considered a Rogue's Passage swinging with an unblockable Consuming Aberration can be fun times.

March 16, 2013 2:11 a.m.

craftth3m1n3 says... #8

Thanks for the input NeoHazard. I'll take a look at swaping devastation tide for cyclonic rift, the biggest thing that tickled my fancy was the miracle cost. As for trading think twice for thought scour, I've honestly thought the same thing, I guess I just needed the push to actually do it lol. As for swapping murder and psychic strike, i just like the fact it straight up kills creatures, with my luck I can never pull out what I need to do counters. but ill keep that in mind as well. And rouge's passage is a swimmingly good idea. Ill definitely do that, how many you think i should put in perhaps?

March 17, 2013 2:33 a.m.

NeoHazard says... #9

I've been looking and thinking about those two cards Cyclonic Rift and Devastation Tide and heres what I have come up with. Cyclonic Rift is better and heres why. With it you can chose to target just a single creature and cause any enchantments, chiphered cards, +1/+1 counters, ect drop. You can cast it reliably after turn two and it happens at instant speed. This means you can bounce a creature that they are currently swinging with. Devastation Tide happens at sorcery and thats my first issue with it. You have to cast it on your own turn. If its early in the game this leads to possibly having more then 7 cards in your own hand and then not having enough mana to get everything back out. And if its late game you are likely to have the mana to cast either spell at full cost anyways. But even late game the rift gives more choice which is why I feel its better.

March 17, 2013 3:17 a.m.

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