Abzan Triple Threat: The Troublemaking Trio

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Welcome to my Abzan creatures-only commander deck, where three different creatures are at the helm! Umori, the Collector is my companion who assists Nikara, Lair Scavenger and Yannik, Scavenging Sentinel at the price of only allowing creature spells in the deck. For an alternate build without Umori, look to the maybeboard for a bunch of noncreature spells that would fit great in this deck without the companion.

The two commanders can provide a lot of great value, and they strongly point to themes of counters and enter/leave the battlefield triggers, and each of those components can be found within the deck. There are also a couple of subthemes in elf tribal, since we need a lot of mana dorks in the absence of noncreature spells, and noncreature hate cards, particularly Vryn Wingmare, Collector Ouphe, and Heartwood Storyteller. Take a look at the custom categories for individual card functionalities.

In terms of gameplay and piloting, with the primary themes of +1/+1 counters and enter/leave triggers in mind, you're going to spend time setting up with soul sisters and creatures that ramp mana while you gain value by drawing cards, amassing counters, and playing the trio of generals where needed until the time comes to pull off a combo.

Though we're not super cutthroat around here and aren't in any hurry to combo off, that will be the primary way to win games with this build. Yannik can perform infinite loops with any two of the creatures in the "Main Combo" section, and spread a whole bunch of counters around while Nikara draws cards all the while. We don't have access to very many tutors or reactive spells using only creatures, but luckily the combo pieces are numerous, interchangeable, and provide value when used on their own for flicker effects.

Loop Yannik and two of the following: Changeling Hero, Changeling Titan, Faceless Butcher, Felidar Guardian, Fiend Hunter, Lumbering Battlement, Restoration Angel, or Wispweaver Angel. With Nikara out, you can draw cards and put counters on creatures to get the win.

I have yet to playtest this deck so please let me know what you think and share any suggestions you might have, even noncreature spells that would be good to have without Umori.

Yannik can produce infinite counters and enter triggers with Leonin Relic-Warder and O-Ring / Journey to Nowhere in a build that allows noncreatures. Also, once the loop is going, you can draw up Crystalline Crawler for infinite mana and then play Hydra Omnivore equipped with Swiftfoot Boots and pumped by the loop and by Bramblewood Paragon in that version.


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