Welcome to my Anje Falkenrath WGD Primer! Our goal here is to rummage through our deck and combo off with Animate Dead + Worldgorger Dragon

Reminder: this is not a budgetless version. This is the deck that I currently have built.


  • you like fast combo
  • you like playing 60-card Singleton
  • you like saying “tap, discard x, draw, Untap” many, many, many times
  • you like not having a board state
  • you think the risks are worth it
  • you like playing with half of your deck in the yard
  • you like living on the edge
  • you are ok with not interacting very much
  • you like glass cannons
  • you Prefer a “hand state ”
  • you like long turns


  • you like taking your time
  • you like being able to interact with your opponents
  • you like having a board state
  • you don’t like the possibility of your board getting exiled
  • you like security
  • you think resilience is a good quality
So, Anje Falkenrath To begin, this deck is mostly built around the madness mechanic and how anje interacts with it. You can tap anje to rummage , then she Untaps if the card you discarded had madness. All told, there are 40 cards in existence that have madness on them, and We’re running all of them. Anje turns all madness cards into “0 mana, draw a card”, which means we’re essentially playing 60-card Singleton. This means that our consistency is a lot better than with other decks, so what do we do with that consistency? Play an incredibly inconsistent combo in colors that can’t deal with rip amirite? In all honesty this deck plays pretty well against rip effects. You just start beating them with your madness creatures, because madness itself is a replacement effect that happens before the card goes to the graveyard, so you can cast them for their madness cost. Anyways, the biggest reason I’m running Animate Dead + Worldgorger Dragon as opposed to razaketh is card slots. The only downside of playing 60-card in a 100-card format is that we only have around 30 card slots, because we still have to draw a good starting hand. Running a compact combo like worldgorger gives us more slots to devote to a not-insignificant interaction package.


  • the madness cards. There are a couple madness cards that can remove single creatures or even wipe all the mana dorks and utility creatures. I’m not listing them here because there are a few of them and I’ve already covered why I’m running all the madness cards that exist
  • Imp's Mischief / Bolt Bend / Ricochet Trap our best pieces of protection. We can use them to protect us from Counterspells and removal, especially cards like Dovin's Veto that can’t be countered
  • Pyroblast / Red Elemental Blast the two actual Counterspells that we can consider running. Protect us from Counterspells and Pongify , as well as able to stop a stroke or lab man
  • Defense Grid the “leave me alone” card
  • Tormod's Crypt , Faerie Macabre this deck doesn’t do very well against other graveyard decks, because they can consistently outvalue us and generally make our life hard, thus grave hate. These cards are very meta-dependent, so if you don’t run into very many yard decks, consider cutting one of them for another rock or a Scour from Existence


Cards I’m not running

  • Buried Alive 3 mana is always ALWAYS ALWAYS going to be when we cast anje, and gamble is funnier


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