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A Wanderer From An Unknown Plane

Oathbreaker Casual Mono-White Theme/Gimmick



"Precise, clean cuts. No one saw anything. Again. Tag the report with my code and file it." -Lavinia

Nobody really knows where she came from. All that is known about her is that her skill with the sword is unmatched by any other being in the Multiverse - Planeswalker or no. Beckoned by the interplanar beacon, she heeded the call to fight against the Dreadhorde. She did not do so alone, though. She brought along all of her disciples that trained under her - all efficient, silent killers.
For this deck there are two important restrictions:
  • Creatures must have/wield swords.
  • Creatures must have either first strike or double strike.

What's that, you say? We have some non-sword wielders amongst us?

Lightwielder Paladin : Well, technically we can't see whether he does or doesn't have a sword. Gave him benefit of the doubt.

Mirran Crusader : I decided that he wields a double-sword.

Paladin en-Vec : Sure, he does have other weapons, but as we can see: he clearly has a sword.

Porcelain Legionnaire : We will all agree it's a sword, but can we take a moment to admire the awesomeness?

Sigiled Paladin : He and Lightwielder Paladin are brothers.

Special mention for Silverblade Paladin and Angelic Skirmisher : I know the former technically doesn't have either first strike or double strike, but he does grant it through soulbond, so he's playing around in the grey area. The latter, same story, since she can grant it.

I had seen The Wanderer amongst the spoilers of War of the Spark, and already thought she looked amazing, but it wasn't until I discovered the Oathbreaker format that I really convinced myself to do something with it. I won't lie, I'm still new to deckbuilding, but I do want this deck out there to see if it can be improved and if so, all the better.

First I tried going down the tribal route: Samurai (too underwhelming, unfortunately), Knights (was cool, but not quite it yet) or even Soldiers (but Elspeth, Sun's Champion beats her in that regard) but none of those worked out in the end.

Finally, Kwende, Pride of Femeref caused a breakthrough. Suddenly it all made sense! The Wanderer needed back-up from some folks she taught how to hit fast, and even those who have managed to perfect the technique into hitting fast twice.


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