The store championship in my town is coming up and I need something creative for this and something thats efficient. Its a fun decklist but its the only standard deck i have at the moment and i need to buff it out before starting the championship. Let me know if theres any ideas anybodies got for this deck. i need it to win!!!! I WANT THE MAT!!!!!!

I changed my merfolk deck for pretty competitive play. I like the idea of it and being able to switch over to almost mono blue is a big help. Its got some good consistency. I'm thinking about playing chart a course but im still kind of iffy on it. Tell me what you guys think. The main goal is Freyalise and a couple one drops and then just to go in pretty early. Kumena i mainly use for his tap x3 to draw but only at the ends of my opponents turn. Kefnet is my way out of flyers and depending on what my opponent is playing heavier whether creatures of spells i side into a more controlling base.

So far the only deck's this one can't stand up against are ones that are more aggressive and are intent to be more aggressive. Goblin Chainwhirler is a seriously tough match up for this deck. It held its own against quite the odds. give it a go and tell me what you think.

I feel like there isn't a big enough creature in the deck besides buffing out kumena so now i'm deciding to tech in Ghalta, Primal Hunger He should be big enough in a 3x to use. And also i've decided to tech in Rishkar, Peema Renegade and take out the Song of Freyalise

So for now im honestly banking on the control aspect to make sure my opponent doesn't get to far ahead of me, and then mist-cloaked to deal most my damage early game and continue to pressure my opponent into playing out his hand before the time comes for him to do so.

Most of the things I've taken out that should be in the deck are just from countless hours of play testing and so far this is the build that I've seen the most consistent results with. Averaging a 3/4 win rate depending on the play style of the opponent. I've been able to play around most of my opponents mistakes and take the win from there. but some don't make that mistake and its a matter of playing swift warden and spell pierce at a good moment. funny thing is this deck has a really good match up against nexus of fate. in order for the combo to begin they start it at 7 mana exactly and spellpierce says no lol .

But this is about as far as my in depth guide goes. Just watch your opponent and play off his mistakes then take the lead and out flood him.


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