I try a funny deck vs creaturdecks. Its a realy spezial deck to play. its preaty good vs creaturedecks. Otherwise you loose the first round and you need to sideboard.

The "normal" deck: U spam a lot af enchantspells to your opponent. Like: - Seal Away - Conclave Tribunal - Ixalan's Binding - Luminous Bonds - Sky Tether - Baffling End

At the end of opponents endstep u cast Rampage of the Clans . So you get for all enchants 3/3 centaur. Then in your turn cast Unbreakable Formation into Cleansing Nova .

In the case your opponent play control or burn you will lose round one mostly. So your Sideboard can help you a lot. you have many Creaturs that gives you Token when they die. So you probaly win the next two games ;)


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