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A Space-Time Quaking Ressurection of Dead Magic.

Commander / EDH* Combo Competitive Control RUW (Jeskai, America) Team America



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As a Jeskai Khan's life dies for not having enough Overcosted instants in Jeskai Colors, The redeeming qualities of Chrono-Quakes will have his silence broken; even if on a level more powerful than Gold Experience Requiem. Yep, I'm using Sevinne again as they need to break out of the crowd; or Time dies, & for there, all of Reality; & the infinite Dimensional Layers.

For this deck, I'm looking for 3 Elements regarding Sevinne:

A: Mass Burn Wipes. Will it protect my creatures from Damage? Sevinne Will, but nobody else can; so how to make my creatures Damage proof, while still in Jeskai Colors? & if this is Team America Colors, why does the same go for Korea (SPOILER ALERT, if you are to be allowed in such a hellish Country: They don't like being called "North" Korea; & I doubt the unwelcome neighbors of the South realize this...)

B: Nonpermanents that be cast from the grave. Nothing but the best, & in The Jeskai Way for that matter. I suggest you choose wisely; Some effects can be used to do more than you think. Initially, I was thinking of only Flashback, until I realized other Nonperms can also be casted from the yard. But how to make sure I can recur them, & prevent Exiling them at all; I might need some help on that...

C: Protection from Damage as a whole. (WIP...)

The Memorius: Elsha of the Infinite --> Jaya Ballard --> Alter Reality --> Comet Storm --> Banefire --> Time Wipe --> Winds of Abandon --> Karma --> God-Eternal Kefnet --> Fanning the Flames --> Counterspell --> Swords to Plowshares --> Enlightened Tutor -->
Scour All Possibilities --> Echo of Eons -->

This one's not going to quit ever. Don't even test him.


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