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A Slinking Feeling AKA It's Morphin' Time

Commander / EDH* BUG (Sultai) Control Midrange



This is a Kadena deck designed to fit my budget and power level for a value engine with good control and a strong finisher. Some of the maybeboard reflects this and alternate options/goodstuff/more expensive cards.

The decklist is organized to show each cards role in the deck but the general you play the deck like this:

  • Ramp and mana fix until you can play Kadena, ideally on turn 3-4
  • Play a morph card face down for free each turn
  • Use the engine cards to get better value and build up a massive board efficiently
  • Save your mana when possible to control the battlefield with morph cards and removal
  • Finish with the Overrun cards, they'll pump your creatures and/or give you evasion to start dealing lethal damage

Some of the most powerful cards in the deck are the ones that give you flash, allowing you to use Kadena's ability on your opponents turn as well. Remember, any card that is or can be played as a morph counts as a colorless spell so many cards can abuse this by letting you play off the top your deck or even let you get more out of intimidate with Vela the Night-Clad.

This deck is struggles more against board wipes so cards labeled protection will help avoid mass removal, or give your opponents incentive to avoid playing that Wrath of God.


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