Is it just me or am I on to something here?
This is a deck designed SOLELY around triggering Atemsis Alternate Win-Con.

Step 1: Get Atemsis, All-Seeing onto the battlefield.
Step 2: Take a shot in the dark with Emergency Powers
Step 3: WIN. If you miss your shot read on.

Step 3a: Increase your odds with Prime Speaker Vannifar & Neoform to get out Fblthp, the Lost , Riverwise Augur , and/or Cavalier of Gales and grab a few more chances at the 6 different CMC's.

For the sake of interactivity, use Hanged Executioner or Deputy of Detention to keep your opponent in check or create an opening for atemsis to get thru. I like Djinn of Wishes in the deck because we can often manipulate the top card of our library. I chose to include Biomancer's Familiar mostly to combo with djinn, but also to activate Atemsis or Hanged Executioner for a little less.

Thanks for checking out the deck, let me know if you have an interesting combo idea!


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