What makes me excited about this general? Well, as a long-time Naya player, I have to admit that when she was first spoiled, I wasn't initially filled with deck building excitement. But just like the engine in a Rienne deck herself, she grows on you slowly, until finally like me, you cave and build this deck. I personally think that this deck is a real breath of fresh air, and introduces new strategies and methods by which to play Naya colours.

To summarise (as I am still in the middle of writing this deck description) this is the nucleas of the deck: With Rienne, Angel of Rebirth on the field, I can use a sac outlet to abuse my creatures Death triggers, or, return them to my hand so I can gain their ETB trigger again. I also want to be able to cast these cards from my hand again on my opponents' turn, to out-value them further. This deck is plain and simple - we want to out-value our opponents throughout the long game.

The main way we win is by getting ahead, and, with a sac outlet on the field, Play Realm Razer to remove our opponent's lands. In the post-combat main before our turn (our opponent's turn), we sac it to something like Greater Good , returning all the lands to the field tapped, and returning Realm Razer to our hand with Rienne's ability. Then we UNTAP for our turn, play our land for turn, and return Realm Razer to the field, removing all lands again, and keeping the game in a perm-lock. Ouch.

So, without further ado; Rienne, Angel of Rebirth .

The first thing you notice about Rienne, Angel of Rebirth is of course, her ability. That graveyard retrieval makes the deck extraordinarily resilient. When looking at Rienne, there was one thing that stood out to me: Her amazing synergy with Altar of Bone , Brion Stoutarm and similar effects. (Suddenly her ability is amazing, right?)

Full Primer coming over the next day or two.

Full Primer coming over the next day or two.

Full Primer coming over the next day or two.

Rienne is a pretty challenging commander to build around, but this deck is feeling pretty good. Leave your suggestions below, and +1 if it looks good. I feel like she rewards smart gameplay, and is in general, a very supportive commander to control. It is a different kind of Naya deck, and feels a lot more "Spike" than Naya typically is! She is very unique and rewarding :)


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