Aren't they good together? The happiest Orzhov power couple.

Hello and welcome to my Regna and Krav deck! This took off unexpectedly! Given just how many eyes were on the list, I felt like I needed to go into at least a little detail on what the game plan is and then add more to this when I can better put thoughts into words. So, here we go!

Regna & Krav caught my attention as being bigger Karlov of the Ghost Council, wanting to play a longer, grindier game, which is something that constantly appeals to me. I don't know why, I just like attrition. How do we wage war on our opponents at the table? Well, we gain life. We gain it often and frequently, hopefully on every turn if we're set up right. Soul's Attendant, Soul Warden, and Deathgreeter are our easy triggers, letting us set up early and easily. Why do we gain life? Regna, the Redeemer is the answer, filling our board with 1/1 white Warriors! And Crested Sunmare because 5/5 Indestructible Horses are actually dang sweet. But a bunch of 1/1's in a deck with no anthems isn't very scary, so what do we do with our horde of weenies? We feed them to Krav, the Unredeemed who turns them into gas! We outlast our opponents, whittling them down and defeating them through a mountain of card advantage!

But that is a bit nebulous and generic for a win-con, what is it we do, exactly? Since creatures are dying left and right, we're using the tried and true Aristocrats plan. Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, and Vizkopa Guildmage are the most straight forward paths to taking down our foes, since every creature we churn through hurts someone else, and every bit of gain means hurting as well! We'll be sitting at a lofty life total while our opponents topple!


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What's out: Kokusho, the Evening Star, Merciless Eviction, Fumigate, Burnished Hart, Pristine Talisman, Secluded Steppe, Barren Moor, Command Tower, Claws of Gix, and Hallowed Burial.

What's in: Austere Command, Wrath of God, Toxic Deluge, Cabal Coffers, Isolated Chapel, Oketra's Monument, Sun Droplet, Nether Traitor, Oathsworn Vampire and Mother of Runes.

The why's: The change in board wipes is pretty straight-forward - they're either cheaper or more flexible in the case of Command. Going down to 37 land is an experiment to see if I can drop the count lower without suffering for my greed. Monument and Droplet are fantastic utility, even if low impact. I'll be watching them. Finally, Traitor and Oathsworn are part of a tiny theme of recursive creatures that I personally like a lot (expect Bloodghast in the list at some point). Mom is just good and probably justifies the eventual inclusion of Ranger of Eos.

These are some drastic changes and I'll be looking forward to seeing how they perform.



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