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Many years ago, in a plain far far away, a demon made a promise. Today, the turtle man will fulfill that promise, with a new Rakdos Deck. Eldrazi and Demon have made a pact today, to murder absolutly everything.

I'm sure you have seen this sort of deck before. Rakdos, Lord of Riots teams up to reduce the cost of Eldrazi to 0, simple stuff.

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A game with this deck starts out with some early damage. If we are going to cast our commander we have to hit something. Pingers like Thermo-Alchemist, Nettle Drone, and Lobber Crew are helpful to bring out his evilness. Once he's out, the fun begins.

This deck can basically be divided into two halves: the damage fuel half, and the big profit half. Many cards in this deck create large pools of damage that spread across the players, including yourself. The best example of these cards would be Flame Rift. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on the number of opponents. A typical game of EDH involves 4 players, so using a Flame Rift makes your creatures cost 12 less to cast. That card alone grants an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and any more creatures you may have in your hand.

Some of these damage cards can also be used as removal. Two of my favorites include Pestilence, and Festering Evil. Killing two birds with one stone, racking up player damage and removing mass amounts of creatures. On top of all that, most of the creatures worth keeping on the battlefield have plenty of toughness to survive the damage. This deck tends to excel against token ramp decks because of this.

You can of course rack damage the old fashioned way: start attacking with some beat sticks, including his fiery highness: Rakdos.

Once the damage has been racked though, it's profit time.

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Profit time ladies and gents. Now the obvious way to profit from the damage half, is to reduce the cost of Eldrazi Titans (at least the commander legal ones (Emrakul, the Aeons Torn you will always be in my heart)), to zero or at least close to it, to cast them super early. Assuming they don't get removed somehow, these cards can win the game for you as beat sticks alone.

There are however other ways to profit from the damage. Neheb, the Eternal can turn all that damage into even more usable mana, to put into an Earthquake or some such card, maybe create a large Walking Ballista, it's up to you my friends.

If you need a hand fix, the Knollspine Dragon is here for you friends. Red and Black is a difficult color scheme for card drawing, so this dragon along with Phyrexian Arena, and Bloodgift Demon, are pretty much all you got.

That's pretty much it: ping early, summon Eldrazi, hurt people's feelings, bathe in the blood of your enemies.

Leave an Upvote! Leave a comment! Leave some love! Check out my other decks! My name is TurtleZoom and I will see you next time!



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