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Walk upon the strings of life with A Dance With Death.

The goal of this deck to win the game by only having one life. the card Near-Death Experience provides this win condition. And Blood Celebrant will guide you to the very edge of life in this pursuit providing you the means to some very scary combos. He will let you drop your life to 1 in one step and let you put out a 12/12 Death's Shadow risky as it sounds if you have a Worship on the field this can be devastating early in the game. It can be even more devastating if you can get three in one turn with the Proclamation of Rebirth . Want to gain life instead of loose life? Well there is a way. With Blood Celebrant and two Children of Korlis You can (double your life)-1. Or if you have enough mana and health you can return Children of Korlis to the field every turn with Ritual of Rebirth's forcast. As long as they can not get you below zero health you are safe a bit longer.If you can't seem to get the creatures you need there is a chance you will come across a Buried Alive, as long as you have Proclamation of Rebirth you can put those creatures directly into play.

Best possible hand2x Swamp 1x Blood Celebrant 1x Blood Pet 2x Dark Ritual 1x Near-Death Experience

This is the royal flush of this deck. It is a possible second turn win.

If you really wanted to be mean you could add a couple of Magus of the Mirror


Though this does not come up much in play there are time's when it may. Blood Celebrant Can only reduce your life total to 0 because part of the cost of his ability is paying 1 life. If you can not pay the one life you can not use the ability. Angel's Grace does not change this because it does not stop loss of life.

Paying life = Loss of Life


A small kingdom sits on the edge of Korlis ravaged by years of war and the devastation of the time ebbs that wreaked havoc on the lands of Dominaria. The people of the kingdom have little but thier faith and their will to survive in this harsh enviroment, The people of this land lived in peace and harmony for a time, Until one day a priest had a vision of war. The kingdom had no military or enough people to fend off any sort of attack. It looked as though this small kingdom would be destroyed and used as a staging point for a large military operation. Its people to be slaves left to toil in the salt mines. The priest wrought with worry sent word to the rebels that lived in the land of Korlis.
Upon arriving the rebels met with the priest. He had had another vision. One of a man with the knowledge of how to defeat the attackers. Stunned by this the rebels tried to persuade the priest to reconsider. To abandon their lands and move deeper into the salt flats where large militaries would have a difficult time reaching. Saying that the lands could be reclaimed after the invading forces had moved on. The priest would not swayed and sent the rebels in search of a man of faith that lived upon the continent of Otaria. The priest believing that Serra would not let the land fall led the people of the land in unending worship until the day when their lands would be safe once again. After searching the continent of Otaria the rebels found the one that the priest spoke of. Claiming to be a man of faith the rebels asked for his help. The man grinning said, "of course I can help. I have knowledge of a powerful spell that can protect these lands you speak of." and they all traveled back to the lands on the edge of Korlis. Upon arriving they could see that the land was already under siege. They were not far from the city when they fell under attack. The rebels turning to face the enemies yelled to the cleric, "Go, save this kingdom with your spell. We will hold them off." The cleric without second thought ran toward the city. When arriving at the city he was greated by a young woman who guided him to the temple.
The priest looking at the cleric asks, "You are the one that can save our lands?" The cleric replies, "yes I know of a way. Let them come. The blood of the fallen will seep into the land fueling a spell that will tear from your enemies everything." "have faith in your ideals and you shall find victory." The armies marched and destroyed everything in their path until they reached the gates of the temple. About to break the door the clouds opened, A brilliant light covered the invading army turning to dust everything stained with blood. The entire army scattered upon the wind to become part of the salt flats.


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