You are looking for Strionic Resonator , which will allow you to pay 2 to copy Etrata, the Silencer ability, exiling 2 creatures with one hit instead of one. You should also look for Helm of the Host , which allows for copies of Etrata, the Silencer , and they get haste. General tutors for these cards are Vampiric Tutor and Rune-Scarred Demon though it is a creature for later in the game. Specific tutors for these cards: Muddle the Mixture and Tribute Mage for Strionic Resonator , and Clutch of the Undercity , and Dimir House Guard for Helm of the Host . For her wincon to be effective though, we need to get around her shuffle trigger after she exiles a creature. This can be done by blinking/phasing ( Illusionist's Stratagem , Vodalian Illusionist , Vanishing ), bouncing Etrata, the Silencer to your hand via Mystic Confluence , Paradoxical Outcome , Supplant Form , Clutch of the Undercity , or the ninjutsu mechanic ( Fallen Shinobi , Mistblade Shinobi , Ninja of the Deep Hours , Silent-Blade Oni , Walker of Secret Ways , and Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow . Your best bet is blinking/phasing, and ninjutsu, though using the bounce spells that only target your creatures are good too, especially to get multiple enter the battlefield value. Save the bounce spells the target creatures for your opponents threats. For the ninjutsu mechanic to work, you declare Etrata, the Silencer as an attacker, and because she is unblockable, the damage will likely go through. When she does damage to an opponent, her ability triggers, and in response to damage you can ninjutsu her back to your hand at instant speed. The ninja that you put on the board does not to damage, and is tapped. There is a final way of getting around her shuffle trigger and that is Sundial of the Infinite . Like all the other ways, when she does damage and exiles a creature, in response you can pay 1 and tap Sundial of the Infinite to end your turn before the shuffle trigger occurs on the stack. Final note: if you are going into a multiplayer game, it would be prudent to tech in Blade of Selves and Mirror Gallery . In a 1v1 scenario, Blade of Selves is literally a dead card, but it is very effective against even just one more opponent. Blade of Selves can be tutored for with any of the Strionic Resonator tutors above, or the general tutors, and Mirror Gallery can be tutored for with Brainspoil , or a general tutor card.
Besides going for your main wincon with your commander, you will need to be getting a lot of value out of your creatures and their enter the battlefield triggers, and the damage triggers of your ninjutsu cards. Draw cards with Baleful Strix , Mulldrifter and Ninja of the Deep Hours . Ramp with Solemn Simulacrum . Go for free card advantage with Fallen Shinobi and Silent-Blade Oni . Destroy your opponent’s threats with Ravenous Chupacabra and Noxious Gearhulk . Hold up mana to play a counterspell, or Venser, Shaper Savant . Note too that with Panharmonicon all the enter the battlefield triggers happen twice, and with Conjurer's Closet you can use your best enter the battlefield trigger again on each end step. Strionic Resonator will copy any enter the battlefield trigger or damage trigger (or even the effects of Panharmonicon and Conjurer's Closet , though I am not 100% if that can work ruleswise). Your creatures, including your commander, can also be copied with Sakashima the Imposter and Sparkdouble, though be aware that you cannot do this at instant speed without Leyline of Anticipation . Phasing/blinking also works to multiple enter the battlefield triggers. An interesting tech card that I have on this list is Ixidron . This is a pseudo board wipe that is useful in getting around those pesky indestructible creatures and your opponents commander abilities. This will hit your creatures too, but that allows us to get a second use out of Willbender , and if you phase/blink one of your 2/2 facedown creatures, it comes back as itself, and not the 2/2 facedown creature, which will give you a board advantage as well as another enter the battlefield trigger. Havengul Lich is an include so that you can cast your creatures that died, from the graveyard for, yet again, another enter the battlefield trigger. Hall of the Bandit Lord will give a creature haste if its mana was used to cast that creature (the is really good with your commander and ninjutsu creatures).
If your opponent doesn’t play creatures, or only has token creatures (token creatures cannot be exiled with a counter on them, because they fizzle out before that occurs) then Etrata, the Silencer cannot exile them, thus making that wincon impossible. If the creatures that your opponents play have hexproof, you will not be able to target their creatures to exile them. There are answers in this deck to both problems, but you will still be at a disadvantage. If your opponent doesn’t play creatures, or plays very few creatures, you can make some with March of the Machines , Xenic Poltergeist , and Karn, Silver Golem or if they have a creature in their graveyard, you can get it out to be exiled with Exhume (incidentally getting you a creature too). If your playing against a token deck, Virulent Plague will be crucial to get. You could even tutor for it with Perplex . For hexproof, I only have Detection Tower . I do not experience hexproof creatures in my meta much so you may want to add more answers to this foil. Also, I do not believe that Detection Tower will answer shroud, so it is ineffective against Lightning Greaves . A word on Swiftfoot Boots over Lightning Greaves : I chose Swiftfoot Boots because with Lightning Greaves , you make Etrata, the Silencer untargetable by most of those cards that get around her shuffle trigger, as well as not letting you perform one of the second win conditions, which I will explain below. If she gets to expensive your basically lost.
Corrupted Conscience is the second wincon of the deck. There are two ways that this card can help you win. First, you can steal an opponent's big creature, like an eldrazi, giving it infect, and swinging with it. This also has the added effect of taking away a big threat from your opponent's board. The second way is using it on one of your big creatures, or Etrata, the Silencer herself. Any creature with 5 attack or more is a good target. Also, with any of your creatures, and especially Etrata, the Silencer , because she is unblockable, you can work towards a mini-voltron strategy that is really hard to deal with. If you equip a creature Sword of Feast and Famine , and enchant it with Vanishing and Corrupted Conscience you have a creature that you can phase out after every attack, giving it a pseudo vigilance, and protection from everything so long as you have UU for the Vanishing . When it phases, anything attached to the phasing creature, phases in and out with it. Equip these three on your commander, and you have a two turn kill on each opponent that is really difficult to answer.
This is a casual deck. My personal opinion is that Etrata, the Silencer is a fun commander, but ultimately a casual commander. She is a good challenge to creature decks, but that doesn’t mean she’s capable of taking on competitive creature decks. I am interested in feedback of any kind, aside from incredibly expensive upgrades (>50$). Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and commenting if you do.


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