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A Chorus of Beckoning

Commander / EDH* Reanimator


Tonight, the ancients rise.

I wandered planes, in search of memories...

The call of ancient cabal, lost to yore.

Unwinding time and chaos, life and death...

'till I forgot what I was looking for.

Please note: I'm aware that the Nephilim are not a legendary cycle. They've been authorized for play in my local circles.

I want to dominate the game with an endless tide of reanimated creatures.

I want to recover by rebuilding where others cannot.

I want to strike fast, strike hard, and strike over and over again until I'm the last mage standing and the Yore-Tiller has eaten its fill.

But most of all... I want the deck to be fun, consistent, and playable, with the opportunity for surprise plays and a penchant for chaos.

I don't have the money for the whole deck yet (not by a long shot), but this is going to be a journey, regardless.

This is going to be my pet project for the next few years. =)


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Finished the first revision! Took out everything that didn't directly support this deck's explosiveness. The strategy now has no offboard response options, and is simply an incredibly powerful aggro build. Added some acceleration and consistency with the Deception package (Disciple of Deceit and Phenax, God of Deception are incredible in this build) and a few more rocks.


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