You might want to get that checked out, it looks infected

My take on a casual deck for The Scorpion God with an infect sub-theme. Swap in the cards from the board to make it semi-competitive.

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Mikaeus, the Unhallowed+Murderous Redcap+Flesh-Eater Imp

  • Sac-loop for infinite damage

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed+Puppeteer Clique+Flesh-Eater Imp

  • Sac-loop for mass reanimation

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed+Cinderhaze Wretch+Lightning Greaves

  • Equip the wretch, discard til death, reanimate, repeat

Warstorm Surge+Blowfly Infestation+Nest of Scarabs

  • ETB/LTB-loop for infinite damage

Warstorm Surge+Flesh-Eater Imp/Oblivion Crown

  • Pump your infect creature in response to the ETB trigger to poison out a player, use Tainted Strike if you don't have an infect creature for Oblivion Crown

Chandra's Ignition+Flesh-Eater Imp/Oblivion Crown


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