• A stompy list where we want each creature we cast to have an immediate impact on the board and then be a combat threat the following turn (if no Haste is present) to snowball out of control.

  • Selvala, Explorer Returned leads because her ability to come down early and let us get both , life, and card advantage really helps the deck tick. Instill Energy is especially good with her for an extra activation but equally good on another creature to give Haste to smash in immediately.

  • Karametra, God of Harvests was our previous leader but she was too slow. If I didn't have a ramp spell we were not doing much till T6 which was sometimes our death knell. She is still great and fits our parameters so into the ramp category she goes!

  • Definitely will have to casually drop pre-game that this is not a competitive Selvala list. That will become quickly evident but people may want to kill us anyway once they see how we can churn out threat after threat.

  • Thought-Knot Seer may seem an odd inclusion but I have found its hand-hate to be crucial in stymieing a combo or blowout removal. While Wispweaver Angel has great synergy with the Seer, allows us to politic its 'target opponent draws a card' and an extra hand-hate trigger, it combines very well with many of our other ETB creatures too.

  • Lone Rider   is technically our only creature who does not have power 4+/X+ but we have so many ways to gain three life via Selvala, Bow of Nylea, Pelakka Wurm, etc. that flipping it at EOT should not be hard and thereafter it will hit like a truck.

  • Genesis is especially helpful because we are so creature heavy/dependent. Making our graveyard an extension of our hand late-game in case we flood out could swing the game back in our favor.

Thoughts to improve are welcome and appreciated!


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