I call this janky mess "A Baker's Dozen Bulldozers" as there're only 13 unique creatures in this deck (You know, Baker's Dozen and all).

This deck uses the usual cards seen in Reanimator decks, but with a twist of my own. That twist is splashing Green. Yes, this is a Jund Reanimator deck.

The deck was not made to win fast. As with any Jund deck, this was made to grind it out with the opponent and (hopefully) outlast them. By using Entomb/Buried Alive to tutor for the right answers and Eternal Witness to retrieve lost resources, this is not your regular reanimator deck.

The splash in green also grants us access to the one thing the Black/Red combination lacks: enchantment destruction. It is arguably this deck's biggest enemy and that color gives the deck that out.


Updates Add

After playing enough games with this deck, Impervious Greatwurm simply requires too much to become truly destructive.

Meanwhile, Drakuseth, Maw of Flames seems perfect for the deck. After playing with proxies, he does enough damage to keep opponents on the defensive (assuming, of course, he's on Haste).

Added in one copy of Buried Alive as way to tutor for more creatures at once.

Replaced Destructive Revelry for Reverent Silence because nothing beats a free spell.


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