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100% competitive pirates(in me heart at least)

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Welcome to my mono-blue aggro pirates, that will manage to break the meta.

You say dinosaurs, I say AHOY MATEYS !!

Kaladesh, gave us 2 pirates that are vital to this deck. Skyship Plunderer and Metallic Mimic. The shenanigans of these two are sick.First of all, every pirate will enter with an additional counter on him. The plunderer then, will proceed to give them one more counter and so on. He also gives energy counters for aether hub, so every attack of his, is of great value!

Siren Stormtamer will enter the game first turn and she'll be ready to control and counter those removals they got for us.

Shipwreck Looter, loots. It's simple, yet very effective. You throw in the grave what you don't need and keep them treasures you desire

Stormfleet Aerialist is a nice beatstick, that has nice synergy with the mimic and the plunderer. Plus, he has flying.

Siren Lookout. She enters the battlefield and let's us choose. Put that card in the grave, SAY IT'S A SAMUT OR CULTIVATOR, or put that card in me hand... Either way, it's a win-win situation for me.

2x Favorable Winds will put pressure on the opponent, as our creatures will be swinging for at least 5 damage per round, by the time he puts tyrannosaurus Rex on the field.

We have 3x Dowsing Dagger  Flips. We need to equip them as soon as possible and either beat them down, with them, or transform them. Should we have them transformed by round 3, we will have turn 4, enough mana to cast River's Rebuke or a big Pull from Tomorrow . We will also, have the counters we need to keep controlling.

We have MANY cards, that allow us to draw and at the same time fix our graveyard. 3xFarm / Market. On the spot removal. Then, loot 2 cards.

Pull from Tomorrow draw and discard one.

2xChart a Course, 2xSupreme Will, both draw us and fix our hands.

Shipwreck Looter, draws and fixes grave. Same as siren lookout.

Siren Stormtamer, is one of the best control cards that exist. She has saved me many times in my games that I playtested.

Lookout's Dispersal, equals to the best counter possible for this deck. No one will have the extra 4 mana required. Believe me.

Supreme Will, is a bonus counter, that serves us for card draw too. We use it as we chose.


Samut, Voice of Dissent and Cultivator of Blades NEEEEEEED to be in the graveyard for this to work.

With Samut and cultivator in the grave, we cast Hour of Eternity for seven mana. If we have the dagger transformed, 4th round we can pull this off!!!

We exile them both. And we swing for lethal.

Sideboard coming soon


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