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Multiplayer casual format, loosely based on MTGO Momir Basic. It's impractical to carry around piles of creatures of every mana cost to make a paper Momir, so i limited myself to a pile of just 7drops here (7 because there are a vast number of them, most of them are super cheap, and Phage the Untouchable is in there). To make it even easier, players don't have decks (no hands, graveyards or exile zone either), but just start with ten basic lands in play (2 of each type) and get a random creature from the pile on their turn, directly into play (at sorcery speed and in the mainphase of the player's choice). Like in Momir Basic, you start at 24 life and all creatures count as tokens.
The games are super fun and involve a lot of crappy, disappointing creatures like Marshmist Titan , many cards with lots of abilities that are completely irrelevant in this format like Pearl Lake Ancient , some solid dudes like Allosaurus Rider , some utility creatures like Pus Kami , some insane bombs like Molten Primordial and finally a few crazy cards like Chaos Lord . There is some tension between getting a creature before combat in case it's a guy with haste and getting it post-combat in the hope of hitting a critter with bloodthirst. You have to carefully choose your attacks, keep an overview of the whole battlefield (which often means 20+ creatures) and especially defend yourself against fliers, but in the end, it's a game of a lot of chance and crazy moments. Even the best creatures can be answered by some other guy, but since players have no control over the creature they get each turn, you never know what will happen. At any point you could just hit Phage and loose the game on the spot - unless you are lucky enough to already have Platinum Angel :)


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Tokens 1/1 Spirit, 1/1 Merfolk Wizard, 3/3 Golem, 0/1 Insect, None Copy Clone, 1/1 Elemental, 0/1 Plant, 1/1 Harpy, 6/6 Dragon, 4/4 Rhino, 5/5 Wurm, 3/3 Centaur, Monarch, 1/1 Triskelavite, 3/3 Dinosaur, 2/2 Morph, 2/2 Manifest, 1/1 Goblin, 2/2 Zombie, 2/2 Knight, 1/1 Kithkin Soldier, 1/1 Pentavite, 1/1 Eldrazi Scion, 1/1 Myr
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