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7 Point (Australian) Highlander Blue Moon

Highlander* Blue Moon Control UR (Izzet)


This is my 7 Point Highlander list. It's not a prototype - tappedout won't let me have a 60 card list as per the format's requirements. This list was inspired by a few builds from the Highlander National Championship 2016 and grew from my own tinkering from there. Lists from that event are still up on the AusEternal website. Originally I had included a few infinite combos ( Splinter Twin , Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , Deceiver Exarch & Pestermite ) but it was all a bit slow for me, and painfully clunky to have one piece in your hand. In the end I decided to have more answers and get the win with True-Name Nemesis , Goblin Rabblemaster tokens, JTMS and the surprise reach from a few versatile burn spells ( Exquisite Firecraft , Fiery Confluence ).

Cards Worth Points:

Sideboard Plans


Moon effects are not great, so that's an easy cut. Bring in sweepers and creature ability hate. Because there's have a lot to bring in, removing some of the bad counters is a plus.



Blue Moon (The Mirror)

Blue moon is a popular strategy, so you gotta be prepared to face it a lot. Moons effects are also obviously quite bad here, so they go. REBs and BEB come in. I plan on controlling the board and burning the opponent out, or laying a quick beater after clearing the board.




I have a few good cards to disrupt the combo, so they come in. Moon effects are obviously great in this matchup so they're staying. Picking cuts is hard. Keranos is probably too slow, so he goes. In this matchup, Venser probably is too.




Usually this deck can get a swamp and it plays red, but the Moon effects disrupts them plenty. They can usually go fast, so the priority to is to disrupt that and early on and not worry about mana. We have graveyard hate, so that comes in. Then we lock them out. Keranos is too slow. We also have some spells that don't kill their fatties, so they come out and get upgraded to a wincon in Price.




My basics are not Judge Foil lands, but they are the MPS Izzet League lands.


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