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i made the colossus format because i see cool spells all the time with a cmc that's too high to fit into my typical playstyle. so what do i do?? make a whole new format of course! thus the colossus format was born. basically i made it so that everything played was bigger, badder, costlier and in general easier to use than in normal formats. but also i made it so that there were no rules about lands. this was to make it possible to get an edge early in the game, put a little more strategy in it and make it so it wasn't just 7 or so turns of nothing and then everything blowing up. its lots of fun and the games take a very long time and play out similarly to commander so use cool cards.
Deck Rules: 101.1 - All Colossus decks must meet a minimum of 75 cards to be considered legal.

102.1 - Each deck must contain a minimum of two colors. 102.2 - Colorless is not considered to be a color.

102.3 - A deck is considered multi-colored when at least two of the included colors meet a minimum of 4 cards for each of those colors.

103.1 - All cards must have a converted mana cost of 7 or over, except for noncreature spells that tap for mana, remove counters for mana or only give mana directly after casting and have no activated or non mana related abilities. For example, Sol Ring, Dark Ritual and Mana Bloom are all legal whereas Azorius Cluestone is not due to its second ability, which does not pertain strictly to the production of mana.

104.1 - Cards with X in the mana cost must be paid with a minimum of 7 mana total. This does not mean that X itself has to be 7 mana or greater. For example, you can cast Secure the Wastes by paying the one white mana that is required and 6 mana of any color towards the X cost for a total of 7.

104.2 - Cards with XX or XXX in the mana cost must be cast with a minimum of 7 total.

104.3 - Cards with a kicker cost or multi-kicker cost such as Conqueror's Pledge or Apex Hawks may be played as long as the kicker cost causes the caster to pay at least 7 mana.

104.4 cards with an overload cost may also be played if their overload cost is 7 cmc or more, such as Cyclonic Rift

105.2 - Cards with alternative mana costs that are less than 7, such as cards with suspend and morph, are legal as long as the original converted mana cost of the card is 7. For example, Maelstrom Djinn is legal, but Backslide is not.

106.1 There is no ban list for cards. All cards that fit the aforementioned criteria are legal to play in a game of Colossus, including unset cards.

While Playing: 201.1 - Each player begins the game with 60 life.

202.1 - The game continues like a typical casual, standard, or modern game and no changes have been made to the general gameplay.

More rulings will be added as questions and unintentional issues arise.The format was designed by me mostly and a little bit by raeofsunlight. The written rules were edited and Oh polished up by SecondRate. All questions can be asked in the comments of this deck on MY profile.

This deck in particular however is all about using your opponents stuff to destroy them. You can make their army eat itself or directly destroy creatures to gain power that you'll need later in the game while also making it harder and harder for your oppanants to attack you and then suddenly turning all this stored up energy into 1 or more killing spells


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