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5C Niv Ravnica Standard / Block

Standard* Five Color Midrange Tempo


A new look at the 5C Niv Miz build. This is my own brew version of it, however the archtype is very flexable for change as it plays alot like a tempo tool box. Some of my explanations for the cards and interactions below.

Enhanced Surveillance - This deck has the habit of entering a stalemate with some decks depending on how both decks draw. It will sometimes lead to you using Tamiyo more than you would like or Recasting Niv Miz multiple times getting you close to being decked. This card works well because it is NOT multi colored. You will end up pushing it to the bottom of the deck with Niv and/or Scry lands making it available late game to recycle your graveyard.

Tamiyo, Collector of Tales - Originally added to combat the Nicol Bolas and heavy discard decks (which it does like a champ) this also allows a lot of recursion in a deck that already has a lot of answers.

Teferi, Time Raveler - Because stopping counter-spells is a good thing. Also in every other match he can be used as a cantrip that will usually eat at least one attack for value.

Elite Guardmage - Gains health to keep you in games vs Bursty Agro Decks and a Cantrip for deck Cycling/Normalization.

Knight of Autumn - Health and a Body, good for buying turns vs Agro. Also a decent body vs control as well as enchantment removal in a pinch.

Deafening Clarion - Used as a board wipe (yes it kills most of your stuff but you usually will be setting up for a Niv Miz win once you run Agro out of hand.) it also allows you to gain 6 life with a Niv Miz on board during a wipe which is great for stabilization.

Assassin's Trophy - All the things removal

Tyrant's Scorn - Removal of small creatures and agro, also good for bouncing Niv and Guardmage for Cards/HP.

Unmoored Ego - Most decks have that one card that helps hold it all together, this is to unravel it. If you have a hard time guessing the meta deck early or dont think you can game 1 move this to the sideboard and replace it with one of the sideboard cards. I find this very useful to steal G1 from combo decks. Also bouncing it early with Tamiyo is huge value.

Mana Base - Its 5 colors, feel free to try different mixes, this is the one that I found to work best. You want one that will allow the deck to function if you miss the lanterns. The high count of Temple scry lands allow for you to normalize your deck and get less floods/droughts due to its somewhat greedy mana base for a 5C deck. (25 lands).


Deafening Clarion - More low agro, more clarion.

Despark - Lots of big dudes, swap out those Tyrants for Desparks. Same if you need to be able to exile things. Also great vs most planeswalkers for superfriends decks.

Unmoored Ego - To pick apart decks that are combo or have threats you want to deal with before they come out. (Stuff like nexus of fate, guild summit, command the dreadhorde, problematic planeswalkers, combo pieces etc)

Fry - Flash/Blue/White Hate

Shifting Ceratops - Counter/Blue Hate also a nice creature if you need more beatsticks

Cindervines - Pressure for heavy Spell Decks.

Things I did not include:

Chromatic Lantern - The manabase with all the scry as well as draw in the deck made this card more of a dead card than I wanted it to be. I started running 4 and slowly cut it down to 1 which I finally removed because I found myself playing it not because I needed it but because I wanted to be lazy and not have to check my mana symbols. It is 100% not needed and it slows the deck down (save for getting a T4 Niv Miz every so often.

If you have any suggestions feel free to mention in the comments or contact me on Discord. Always open to new opinions.


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